Pinot Grigio - Azienda Agricola La Farra
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Pinot Grigio


delle Venezie DOC

Code product: T06


5.5 g/l


12% Vol.

Residual sugar

3 g/lt

Type of harvest

100% Pinot Grigio


In case of no.6 “Bordeaux” 0.75 lt. bottles each.

Serving temperature

8°-10° C

Raccomended glass

Tulip shape

Grape origins:

The grapecome from some vineyards based in Colle di Attila and Varizzet, around Farra di Soligo (TV). The vineyards are organized according to “Guyot” method. Their soils are chalky and clayey.

Harvest: It is usually made by hand around the first decade of September.


Vinification process:

The vinification is made cleaning the grapes just harvested from the rachis and then a soft squeezing of them. Later the skins are taken away to avoid any rusty colour in the wine. The slow fermentation
is made keeping the juice at 18 degrees for 10-12 days. After that the new wine is decanted and kept into dedicated stainless steel for the controlled low temperature stabilization.



In the following spring.



It is very good alone as aperitif before an important meal. It matches well soups, especially the herbal ones, eggs based courses and above all white meat lightly cooked like rabbit stew with olives and


Sensory features

Colour: The colour is straw yellow with green hints

Bouquet: The bouquet is clear and intense with notes of apricot, green apple and wisteria

Flavour: It is well balanced, tasty with the right level of acidity