Frizzante “Spago” - Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG
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Frizzante “Spago”


Prosecco DOC Treviso

Code product: F12

Total acidity

6.0 g/l

Alcohol level

11% Vol.

Residual sugar

9-10 g/lt

Grape variety



2.5 bar


75 cl “Collio” bottle

Serving temperature

8° – 10° C

Raccomended glass

A white wine glass

Ageing potential

To enjoy it at its freshest, it is best to drink it within a year of the vintage.

Origin of the grapes:

The grapes come from vineyards on the plain at the foot of the hills of Farra di Soligo. The training
systems used are “Sylvoz” or “Double-Arched Cane”. The plant density is 3000-3500 vines per hectare. The soils are blends of clay and limestone.

Harvest: By hand, in the last ten days of September



Traditional white wine vinification with soft pressing of the grapes. Fermentation is slow (for around 15 days), at a controlled temperature of 16°- 18° C. Subsequently the wine is racked and stored in special temperature-controlled tanks at a low temperature.


Transformation into semi-sparkling wine:

This is carried out using the Charmat Method, that is to say with a natural re-fermentation in pressurized tanks thanks to the addition of yeasts: a process that is traditionally adopted for wines that are delicate and fruity.


Serving suggestions:

Excellent as an aperitif, and ideal for anyone who just wishes to have a glass of wine at any time of the day.


Sensory features

Appearance: A bright straw yellow in color, with light, fine and persistent bubbles

Nose: Fresh, fruity and delicate

Flavor: Tangy, refreshing and lightly acidulous, with a dry finish