The vinery - Azienda Agricola La Farra
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The vinery

The winery is run entirely by the the Nardi brothers, Innocente and Guido. Besides being passionate winemakers, they preserve and apply with dedication the knowledge gained at the Oenology School in Conegliano, the oldest in Italy. This institution, both a cultural and educational jewel of the area, has contributed to improving grape growing methods and to developing the sparkling wine culture tied to Prosecco. It has also brought this culture of the highest levels of quality and technology to the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area which is known worldwide.

To produce wines of excellence it is indispensable to start from high quality grapes. The next step is to express while at the same time leaving unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of the freshly picked grapes.

La Farra’s technological equipment, a temperature control system, a modern system of natural secondary fermentation in pressurized tanks, an isobaric fully automated bottling system, and the wise use of the most updated oenologic knowledge, keep intact the suggestions that nature gently instills in the grapes.