Vineyards - Azienda Agricola La Farra
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The Vineyards

Like the lines of a novel, exciting and passionate, the rows of vines, clinging tenaciously on steep slopes or lying gently on the plains below, draw harmonious geometries.

The vineyards of La Farra tell a story of almost heroic gestures of cultivating strips of land which nature has made difficult.And to this story is grafted a modern and rigorous viticulture implemented with full respect for the environment.

It uses systems which promote the quality of the grapes and a greater security in carrying out the pruning and harvesting without altering the morphology of the landscape.

All the processes performed in the vineyard are rigorously done by hand. The winery’s vineyards are located in the middle of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, in the municipalities of Farra di Soligo (the main part), Pieve di Soligo, Follina and San Pietro di Feletto. Such position allows the winery to produce special quality grapes which best combine the floral scents typical to the lands of Valdobbiadene and the flavors typical to those of Conegliano.